I like chocolate pancakes. Done. Nawt, here’s my real bio: So it all started on July 23, 1994… *muffly, high pitched fast forward sound* And now I’m just a person who’s hungry and likes food that kills two birds: tastes delicious and nourishes the bod. I should add that zero birds are killed in this scenario… my culinary muses and recipes are plant based, meaning flexible, but mostly plants. During culinary school, I learned how to bring vegetables to the forefront of dishes and use animal products sparingly, while seeking wholesome, organic and unprocessed ingredients for our planet, and optimal nutrition. Personally, I feel that a plant centric diet is best for our planet’s sustainability, ethical and health reasons, and find this approach to cooking fun and innovative. I also understand that food is very personal, and dependent upon cultural backgrounds and belief systems. Half my class in culinary school was vegan, and we all got along just peachy ;-). If and when you’re selecting animal products, I think it’s important to keep the environment in mind, and ask yourself where your food is coming from, and what practices you are supporting. Sometimes I like to try fish or shellfish, and if I do, I check the Seafood Watch app to make sure I’m not eating the last shrimp of all. But whatever your lifestyle, it’s important to get that plant power. I graduated from Natural Gourmet Institute in January 2018, and have since been cheffin’ in a bakery and at home. So, as I am constantly stirring (awake AND asleep, ha, I’m tired), I want to share my ideas with you so we can all eat beautifully, live it up and prance with the plants.

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