So it all started on July 23, 1994… *muffly, high pitched fast forward sound* And now I’m a person who’s hungry and likes food that kills two birds: tastes delicious and nourishes the bod/ celestial bod, aka Earth.  I should add that zero birds are killed in this scenario… my recipes are plant based, meaning flexible, but mostly plants.  In culinary school, I learned how to bring vegetables to the foreground while seeking local, seasonal, organic, unprocessed and wholesome ingredients whenever possible. A lot of words but ironically these foods are the least complicated. I believe a plant centric diet is best for our planet’s sustainability and personal health, and find this approach to cooking the most fun and innovative.  I also understand that food is very personal (you are what you eat amirite), and dependent upon cultural backgrounds and belief systems. Half my class was vegan, and we all got along just peachy/ smoothly like butter. Mostly because we were cooking together and had to cooperate and all. Just kidding, we successfully hung out in other settings and I love them a lot.  Anyway, Natural Gourmet Institute taught us to ask ourselves where ingredients come from, what practices we are supporting, and to eat a whole lotta plants no matter what lifestyle.  I like to try fish or shellfish once in a while, and I check the Seafood Watch app to make sure I don’t order the last shrimp of all.  NGI also taught how to cook, I should add. I graduated in January 2018, and have since been cheffin’ in a vegan restaurant and at home.  So, as I am constantly stirring, I want to share some ideas with you so we can all eat beautifully, live it up and prance with the plants. 

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