Hello! I am here to share my recipes that aim to taste delicious, nourish the body and focus on plants. No matter what you eat, incorporating plants is important for our planet’s sustainability and personal health, and I find this approach to cooking the most interesting and enjoyable. I also understand that diet depends on biology and lifestyle, and I do not know of a diet that is consistently right for anyone. I for one am very flexible, contorting my body into twisted poses as I eat nothin but cashew cheese cubes. Really, half my class in culinary school was vegan, and we all got along just as smoothly as… the blender that blitzes male chicks alive >:[ I kid, I kid, my class was full of lovely people who happened to believe in supporting practices you agree with when selecting food products. Anyway, Natural Gourmet Institute is the school we attended, and its program encouraged people to be cognizant of where ingredients come from and to bring vegetables to the foreground, while seeking local, seasonal, organic, unprocessed and whole foods often. I graduated in February 2018, and have since been cooking in a couple vegan restaurants and at home. I want to share some ideas here so we can all eat beautifully, live it up and prance with the plants *<:DĀ 

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